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                         You have a story to tell.

                         It matters that your story is told.

                         Let’s get it out into the world.


Let's bring your story to life and develop the vision
narrative of your revolutionary project to life,

while finding resources to help it thrive.


Your Story In The World

Need to find the processes to gather both fundraising and volunteer teams, campaigns and resources?  Let's build fundraising, strategic, and systems components to help your organization grow.

  • Board Development

  • Storytelling and the Case

  • Fundraising Forensics

  • Human Systems Support

Woman Writing


Your Story--Your Voice

I am compassionate coach, with decades of experience helping leaders, activists, and creatives find their voice. Whether your story is personal or organizational, I can help you key into the components that matter.

  • Personal Coaching for Leaders

  • Developing Your Voice

  • Humane Leadership


Speaking and Facilitating:

Our Story Together

I am a skilled speaker, heart-felt writer, and can present and facilitate online and off on a wide variety of topics from community building, fundraising, creativity, improvisation, relationships, grief, and facing change.


  • Group Story Retreats

  • Improv For Leaders

  • Finding Voice and Vision

  • Working With Hard Topics

Let’s talk! Filling out this contact page form will get us in touch and we can start our work together.

Julie’s rates are competitive and she also offers a sliding scale for her services.

She always offers a free complimentary session to see if the relationship is a match.

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