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Julie Gillis

Julie Gillis is a nonprofit and development leader focused building healthy human systems so that resources can flow easily into the organization.

She loves raising funds, building community, and enhancing board growth. Her goal is to analyze, advise, and transform your human systems so that your organization can soar. Check out her social links here or below at the bottom of the page.

Julie speaks, writes, and consults with vulnerability, warmth, and humor as her clients forge the most impactful narrative in their story whether personal or organizational.


Julie presents spirited talks on community building and development, storytelling, human rights, and creativity. She’s presented at SXSW, TED X Great Hills, Southern Oregon University, The Women’s Leadership Conference at SOU, The AAUW Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon Public Television, The University of Texas at Austin, Woodhull Foundation and emceed at TED X Ashland, The Texas Observer, and many other events. She has coached countless speakers and writers as they shared their projects onstage and off. 


"As a nonprofit leader, I hold and co-build space for people to grow well and do good things.


I do this through human systems processes, storytelling, improvisational theater forms, change management, and good old-fashioned relationship building. By emphasizing principles of co-design and collaboration, I foster healthy systems within organizations. This in turn allows staff and volunteers to thrive while also resourcing the organization to achieve its mission. 


Through this work, I’ve built successful development departments and raised millions of dollars for nonprofits and the communities they serve, while also supporting the growth of healthy systems and happy employees." 

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