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Julie Gillis

Consulting for Creatives and Innovators

Julie Gillis is a consultant, story coach, speaker and facilitator. Julie works with nonprofit leaders, authors, documentary filmmakers, artists and advocates--Everyday Radicals as she calls them-- to get their stories into the world with resources to help them thrive so they can change the world.

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You have a story to tell, a project to manifest, a community to build. It matters that your story is told.

Let’s get it out into the world.

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Julie is a speaker with over thirty years of experience in film, tv, theater, and comedy--producing community-building events that merge artistic expression and cultural change. She can speak eloquently on media, fundraising and non-profit  issues as well as her advocacy with  LGBTQ issues and human and bodily rights. 

Need an experienced MC for your event or gathering? Contact Julie for a friendly quote.