credit howardlake

credit howardlake

“I used to be a comedian, and began to feel like a phony on stage. I felt like a puppet whose only job was to say things to get people to laugh. I decided that I was going to try writing something real; something that might make an actual difference in the world. I contacted Julie and told her I wanted to write a piece for BedPost, and she encouraged me.

The night I told my first story at Bedpost was the most powerful one of my life. That experience drove me to write more of my stories for their show, and for myself. And I’m now turning them into a book and a one-woman show.”
Holly Lorka, Storyteller

“Julie is a brilliant thinker who works in an exceedingly collaborative manner. She has a knack for getting to the heart of a project with just a few questions, and offers insights that value the art and the artist first. Her generosity of spirit and enthusiastic disposition, coupled with her dedication and reliability, make her an indispensable resource for people looking to launch new projects or get new ideas off the ground.” Andrea Grimes, Traitor Radio, Resistance Kitchen

“Julie Gillis provides the Tipi Confessions producers generous, hands-on guidance as we produce an indigenized Confessions show in Edmonton, and take it to cities across Canada. When I lived in Austin I witnessed the transformational performance technology created by the women at Bedpost Confessions. Julie and her co-producers have generously shared their know-how, with Julie taking the lead role in guiding our Edmonton-based team through show production, artist outreach, and venue contracts. As Tipi Confessions has taken shape since December 2015, Julie has worked with us through a few growing pains with her self-confident but non-hierarchical mentoring style. Her commitments to anti-racism, feminism, and collaborative learning are compatible with our Indigenous-feminist approach to sexy storytelling. I look forward to a long working relationship with the whole Bedpost Confessions team and especially with Julie Gillis.”
Kim TallBear, Associate Professor, University of Alberta and Producer, Tipi Confessions, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“I have known Julie for thirteen years. She is a uniter and a visionary and brings joy, empathy, and gloriously positive energy to her work with clients. Having watched Bedpost Confessions grow from a tiny show to the big, beloved Austin institution it has become (with shows growing nationally), I can say that the lucky people who work with her find out her commitment to honesty, bravery, and compassion has never been stronger.”
Mo Daviau, author and performer, Every Anxious Wave

“Julie Gillis commits herself every day to making the world a more just and peaceful place. She does this at the most interpersonal level through creating spaces for people to share their stories, to the most institutional level through her reproductive justice activism online and in the halls of power. Her ability to communicate clearly, knowledgeably, and honestly means that she is effective at meeting people where they are and helping them to take sometimes difficult but always necessary steps down the path toward justice and human rights.”
Elizabeth Wood, Woodhull Foundation

“Julie Gillis is a trusted friend and ally. No matter the setting, Julie is always sensitive to the needs of humanity no matter race, gender, or economic status. She is loud and inclusive about what is right. Her stories are always humorous as well as honest. Any opportunity I have had to work alongside Julie Gillis has benefited me.”
Ebony Stewart, Poet and Activist

“I had the pleasure to work with Julie Gillis in 2016 for three months when I was getting ready to do my first crowdfunding campaign for post-production funds for my Sci-Fi short film WINDOWS and we met our goal. I would recommend Julie Gillis in a heartbeat for crowdfunding. She will put her heart and soul into it, because when she believes in the artist and project, she walks that journey with you with advice, commitment, and professionalism, step by step toward a shared goal”
Maru Buendias, Windows Film, Bloodbank Productions

“When I decided to run a Kickstarter campaign for my film, Tightly Wound, the first thing I did was hire Julie as a crowd-funding consultant. She also has an incredible talent for reaching and building communities – which is one of my goals for making this film. She was instrumental in helping me raise 150% of my Kickstarter goal and keeping me sane in the process. Julie is strategic, professional, reliable, AND a champion of any project she takes on.”
Shelby Hadden, Tightly Wound

“In writing about Julie Gillis it is not that I don’t know where to begin, it is that I don’t know what to leave out. Just listing her skill sets is exhausting, and these are not areas she dabbles in but proficiencies: writer, actress, instigator, agent provocateur, entertainer, fundraiser, social media master, outraged and engaged citizen, promoter, innovator, social activist, cultural catalyst and that’s just the prelude. When she came to work for our company Production for Use, I was not just thrilled but honored. She elevated our endeavors. Provided focus where it was need. Sophistication where it was desired. When she left, on her terms because she was moving, it wasn’t just that she was welcome to stay, it was that she was missed. She’s a creative force guided by a master theatrical and media sensibility.”
Louis Black, The Austin Chronicle, Production For Use

“I worked with Julie Gillis when I spoke at the 2015 Texas Observer annual fundraiser the Rabble Rouser and was so happy to have her assist with the ongoing V to Shining V fundraising and community building events in Austin, Texas. She’s a fantastic emcee and host who is able to create and hold space with humor and fierce compassion, while raising money for important causes. She’s worked onstage and off with her consulting and is committed to supporting progressive actions/causes all while helping the activists and groups she works with tell their story. She brings it, totally, to the cause and to working with her clients.”
Lizz Winstead, Co-Creator of The Daily Show

“Julie is remarkable. You know, that elusive quality that makes you want to say positive things about her, over and over, to everyone you know. Julie is a listener, a peacemaker, a community-builder. She listens. She is thoughtful. She is filled with respect for all humanity. And yet she is as funny and engaging as anyone I’ve met. I have no doubt that working with Julie Gillis in any capacity will be a good thing. Feel free to ask me specifics:lisa@goodmenproject.com”
Lisa Hickey, CEO, The Good Men Project