I’m Julie Gillis and an Oregon based producer and facilitator who specializes in community building. Think of me as a midwife of sorts, because I want you to get your idea, campaign, or project into the world where it can make a difference and I help you build a community to sustain and nurture that project.

I’ve produced transformational storytelling, community, and fundraising events for over 20 years. I also consult on myriad projects supporting leaders as they forge the most impactful narrative in their work. I employ vulnerability, compassion, and humor to help my clients reach their goals. I’ve worked with clients focused on film, theater, building non-profits, and in topics ranging from mental health, death and dying, sexuality and gender, race and economics, education and the environment.

As a co-founder and producer of BedPost Confessions, Texas’s singular monthly storytelling series on sexuality, gender, and relationships. I’ve curated over six years of community storytelling events in Austin, Dallas, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boulder, Edmonton Alberta, and Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I produced the only women’s comedy festival in Texas, Ladies Are Funny Festival for six years and was a founding steering committee member of 14/48 Austin: The Worlds Quickest Theater Festival.

I’ve been a successful crowdfunding campaign consultant working on films and projects such as How To Let Go Of The World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change, Windows, The Territory, Tightly Wound, Duels, A Song For You, and Nobody Knows Anything Except William Goldman.

I’ve consulted with and supported organizations such as Lilith Fund, NARAL Pro Choice Texas, New Leaders Council Austin, Shift Stigma, the UT Gender and Sexuality Center, Queerbomb and the Day of the Dead Race, and as a speaker, I’ve presented talks on storytelling, activism, and creativity at SXSW Interactive, HATCH, and TEDx Great Hills, The Woodhull Foundation, MomentumCon, and NerdNite, and I’ve spoken on fundraising, diversity, and engagement at CASE and Big XII Development Conference.

My mission is to help get your story out of you and into the world with a community to help it thrive.

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