Your story matters! I want to help you tell it!

I’m an Oregon based producer, speaker, and facilitator focused on stories, social justice, and building community. I produce transformational storytelling events merging art and social change. I also consult on projects for both stage and screen, supporting groups seeking to forge the most impactful narrative in their work.

I am not one to shy away from difficult subjects. In fact, I embrace those topics with vulnerability, compassion, and humor to help my clients and audiences embrace life’s most important issues; sexuality and death, parenthood and aging, conflict and shame, the body AND the spirit. My mission is to help you find the story you need to tell, stage, screen, or personally.

As a co-founder and producer of BedPost Confessions, Texas’s singular monthly storytelling series on sexuality and (un)Spoken, a storytelling show focused on emotional justice I’ve curated over five years of storytelling events in Austin, Dallas, Washington DC, and San Francisco. I am also a producer on the steering committee of 14/48 Austin Festival which brings diverse theater artists together for a whirlwind weekend of creation, community, and fantastic play. Other work also includes the staunchly feminist the Ladies Are Funny Festival, Texas’s only women’s comedy festival, for six years.

As a speaker, I’ve presented talks on storytelling, activism, and creativity at SXSW Interactive, HATCH, and TEDx Great Hills, facilitated discussions on play and sexuality at The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, MomentumCon, and NerdNite, and I’ve spoken on fundraising, diversity, and engagement at CASE and Big XII Development Conference.

I’ve emceed Rouse The Unruly Mob, We Will Not Yield, Unite Women, The Texas Observer’s Rabble Rouser Fundraiser, LadyParts Justice V to Shining V, and many other political and arts event in Austin.

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