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We all have a story to tell.

Your story matters and I want to help you tell it.

Whether you are working on transitions in the story of your life, if you are needing strategic production support in creating a powerful event, or if you are seeking someone to speak or emcee an event I would love to work with you.

Promotion and Media: Your Story Online

Need support with social media campaigns? Know that you need them but are not sure where to start? I am well versed in finding the narrative you want to share and condensing it to 140 characters, fun posts, captivating images. Social media is a powerful and necessary part of any business, non-profit, or event, so make sure your story is told online as well as face to face. A plus? I collaborate with Tilton Rivers Films so can serve as a one shop stop for your media needs.

Producing Events: Your Story On Stage And Screen

Theater and film share stories with the world and have the power to create a shared experience. With over 20 years experience in theater and event management, producing small evening events as well as festivals and conferences, I can offer services from consulting to crowdfunding, from strategic planning to event management.

Public Speaking: Stories For Change

Sometimes we need to hear stories as much as tell them. Whether you need an emcee to help spice up your event, or need a workshop presenter on the topics on Public Speaking, The Power Of Play, Transformational Storytelling, Sexuality, Spirit, And Shame, or Improvising Your Relationships, I’d love to work with you.

Get In Touch

Let’s talk! The form below will get us in touch and we can start our work together. I offer competitive rates, as well as a sliding scale for my services, and always offer a free complimentary session for us to get to know each other to see if the relationship is a match.

Want To Know More? Here’s What People Say About Me!

“Julie Gillis commits herself every day to making the world a more just and peaceful place. She does this at the most interpersonal level through creating spaces for people to share their stories, to the most institutional level through her reproductive justice activism online and in the halls of power.

Julie’s ability to communicate clearly, knowledgeably, and honestly about sexuality means that she is effective at meeting people where they are and helping them to take sometimes difficult but always necessary steps down the path toward justice and human rights. She understands the power of personal story telling to help facilitate those steps, and she facilitates that story telling with grace, humor, and dignity.”
Elizabeth Wood, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

“Julie is exactly the kind of producer you want, someone who gets their kicks from putting on and publicizing a top notch event. Her background in organizational behavior, improvisational theater, and sex positive communities virtual and in-person gives her a unique voice and perspective in her field. Plus she’s a ton of fun.”
Shana Merlin, Merlin Works

“Julie Gillis is a trusted friend and ally in the Austin Community. Julie never shies away from the hard topics whether it be on stage, the page or behind the scenes. No matter the setting, Julie is always sensitive to the needs of humanity no matter race, gender, or economic status. She is loud and inclusive about what is right. Her stories are always humorous as well as honest. Any opportunity I have been given to work alongside Julie Gillis has benefited me.”
Ebony Stewart, Poet and Activist

“Julie is remarkable. You know, that elusive quality that makes you want to say positive things about her, over and over, to everyone you know. Julie is a listener, a peacemaker, a community-builder. She talks about all forms of sexuality with openness and honesty. She listens. She is thoughtful. She is filled with respect for all humanity. And yet she is as funny and engaging as anyone I’ve met.

I met Julie through her writing, which meant I met her though her ideas, which are big and powerful and bring about real change. I have no doubt that working with Julie Gillis in any capacity will be a good thing. Feel free to ask me”
Lisa Hickey, CEO, The Good Men Project

“I used to be a comedian, and began to feel like a phony on stage. I felt like a puppet whose only job was to say things to get people to laugh. When I decided to stop with that, I also decided that I was going to try writing something real; something that might make an actual difference in the world. I contacted Julie and told her I wanted to write a piece for BedPost, and she encouraged me.

The night I told my first story at Bedpost was the most powerful one of my life. I stood up on their stage and spilled my guts and told my scariest, most intimate secrets about who I am sexually. That experience drove me to write more of my stories for their show, and for myself. And I’m now turning them into a book and a one-woman show.

I’ve dealt with so much shame and self-loathing about who I am. I don’t want anyone else to. We are all human. We all feel shame. We are all lovable. ”
Holly Lorka, Storyteller

“For me, Julie Gillis creates a vast, refreshing space that calms the gratuitous cultural hype about sex, while shepherding an inspirational, level field of intelligent discourse about this rich human relational experience as a mental and emotional exercise in beauty, wisdom, and truth. Leave your shame at the door.”
Gary Walker, Coach and Founder Team FX

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  2. Hi, Julie. I am a psychologist and media commentator and have loved the piece you did with others at Everyday Feminism about teaching kids consent. I would love to write a piece about it on my blog at Psychology Today and on Huffington Post. Let’s talk if you are interested! Thanks!

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