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Welcome To The Club, Tuesday


So, a young woman showed Texas (and the nation) just how far the insanity of “Christianity” has gone, in this really wonderful article on XO Jane explaining how protesting gets you called a whore by the Religious Right at the Capitol.

Tuesday Cain wrote up a sign for the recent protests against HB2, and it said, quite bluntly, “Jesus isn’t a dick, so keep him out of my vagina.” I can agree with that statement. Jesus isn’t a dick.

By my understanding, Jesus was a pretty damn cool person, both radical in his fight against bureaucratic greed and injustice in the church and in his theology of individuals being able to reach god without priests. And you know, stopping adultresses from being stoned, calling out those who would stone her, being compassionate and connected with the poor, infirm, ill, and criminal.

Jesus, the Jesus I came to know as a child and have since revisited as an adult, would be appalled at what is being done in his name. He might not be surprised given the same old crap was happening in his day, but appalled I am quite sure.

But many other people became incensed by the sign and started calling her a whore. At 14.

Tuesday Cain is smart and she’s right on the mark with her anger at her treatment, though this particular baptism by insult is one I hope she can reframe and eventually hold close to her heart as a sign she’s speaking the truth.

Check out this snippet of Ms. Cain’s piece:

I have seen anti-abortion protesters at a clinic near our house, and it makes me upset to see women who are facing this hard decision being told that Jesus condemns them.

I guess I don’t think it seems very Christian to me.

Then again, neither does calling a 14-year-old girl a whore.

The first day that we were out protesting at the Capitol, my friend and I took turns holding up the sign I wrote, and an older man came up to us yelling right in our faces. “You two should shave your heads! You should become lesbians! No man will ever want you! You’re ugly!”

The police had to ask him to stop yelling at us. It was scary. But more than scaring me, what it did was make me feel even more determined to stand up and protest even louder.

I’m not going to let someone calling me a whore stop me from fighting for what is right for all women. I’m not going to let the bullies win in the fight over women’s bodies.

And this one:

I’m done feeling disappointed by these attacks. That is why I’m speaking out — even if I am only 14 years old.

But the way things are playing out everything feels reversed. Adults are not acting like adults.

Normally, I prefer to look up to adults as role models. But what is happening in Texas right now it’s hard to find adults who I want to look up to.

I don’t look up to an adult who is taking away a woman’s right to choose.

I don’t look up to an adult who is calling a 14-year-old girl a whore.

I don’t look up to an adult who is screaming in my face and saying I am ugly.

And I certainly don’t look up to anyone who says they are Christian but treats women the way I’ve been treated these past few days as a teenage girl.

Damn right she shouldn’t.

The people insulting her are not behaving in a way that is kind, moral, ethical, loving, compassionate, empathetic, vulnerable, giving, or well, Christian. They are being bullying, manipulative, unkind, hateful, judgmental in the worst way, and cruel. And to this agnostic, acting as devoid of soul as one can get. A recipe to turn people away from the church at the very least.

This young woman, Tuesday Cain, is amazing. She doesn’t deserve what she’s getting, and I’m glad to see media standing up for her and amplifying her voice.

All I can say to you, Tuesday, is this:

You’ve been called a whore as a young woman. I’m sorry and I know it hurts. I’m so proud of you for speaking your mind, for knowing the difference between right and not-right. For having an amazing father who loves you and is standing up beside you. They called you a horrible word, but there is no true surprise there, because any woman speaking her mind, owning her body, claiming rights to her sexuality, being so bold as to talk about God, and speaking out against the status quo has been labeled a whore, a jezebel, a harlot, a slut.

There are many powerful women who have been called that word, it is a band of holy, sacred, unruly people. I mean, let’s consider the legacy of Mary Magdalene. It’s really not very creative of those that use the slur, considering that’s their main tactic from the last 2000 years, but there it is. So very many of us have been called this word and probably more to come.

Whore. Which is wrong. Which you are not. But they have no idea what you are. You scare them.

They don’t understand what they are doing, they really don’t. They are scared because life itself scares them. We all do, just for living and being powerful and not afraid, because they are probably afraid even of themselves and it angers them that we aren’t. That’s not your fault. But you hear the truth and you speak it, and that frightens them so instead of trying to understand? They lash out with the world’s most boring and overused insult.

Welcome to the club, Tuesday. You are surrounded by the most amazing company. Long may you use your pure, powerful, unruly, creative, and sacred voice to scare the hell out of those who would harm us.


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