Stand With Wendy


If you’ve read my blog this year, you are aware that I’m a fan of Wendy Davis. The Senator pretty much stole my heart this summer when she filibustered during the outrageous, horrible, and downright unethical House Bills which took justice and choice away from countless Texas women.

I was so revved up about her that I wrote a post about it. Hundreds of other people wrote articles as well, all summer, and there was a groundswell as big as the heart of Texas, with women and men alike sharing stories and making themselves heard.

She inspired change in us. Many of us were involved activists, some of us more than others. But the anti-choice, anti-justice bills this summer brought leadership and passion and action out of so many of us, including Wendy.

She did what seemed impossible, speaking for over 10 hours while standing on her feet, against impossible odds with a Senate stacked with people ready to bend the law to their will, finding infractions other Senators easily got away with, and helped to what people felt was impossible-

She stopped the bill.

I believe she can do what seems impossible for Texas.

Wendy Davis can help turn Texas blue. And that’s no easy task. It will take a hell of a lot to do it.

While there is a lot Wendy has plenty of, like gumption, fire, and fierce ideas, she does need our help. She needs volunteers to call and block walk and assist with campaigns, she needs publicity and strategy and tools to get her message out. She’ll need our votes most certainly.

But beyond that, and most importantly she needs our financial support to do all that hard work.

Today I am asking for that support to make Wendy Davis our next Governor.

Give here. I have and I encourage you to support Wendy. It is clear to me that we need change in this great state.

  • We need a Governor that will protect all Texans, not just the rich ones.
  • We need a Governor who understands women are more than incubators.
  • We need a Governor who will respect the law, and stand up for all of us.

The fight for our rights isn’t over. Stand With Wendy.

Because she stands for the best Texas can be.


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