October ICYMI and Upcoming Events

Here are all the links you may have missed and some wonderful upcoming events!


Please give to the Lilith Fund if you support Texas women.

Here’s a great piece on the young women who are doing online and real time activism, just in case you missed them.

Today is Dia de los Muertes. Here is a provocative and challenging article on appropriation. It received loads of comments on my FB.

Flavia Dzodan writes about blackface and holiday traditions in the Netherlands.

More on Halloween and the use of blackface in the US. Zelli Imani has a great and unique take on why it happens.

Mary Ann Barclay offers a poignant piece on just wanting to belong in her church, as she is, while other members feel it’s an imposition to do the work of inclusion.

Anyone see all of Slate’s Emily Yoffe doing her typical victim blaming around women and drinking and rape culture? This piece is a stunning rebuttal to her and I sincerely hope she reads it.

The CDC had broken down the math on rapists and gender, as there are groups pushing false information out there.

A great piece by Patrick Michaels on two couples challenging Texas’s same sex marriage ban, is linked right here.

Grace writes about hell houses and the gender politics of the religious right.

Check out bell hooks pushing back on leaning in. This is a must read.

Finally, Austin! If you love Fusebox Festival, it’s free this year! Give now and let all of us enjoy great art!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 2:

Mortified is on tonight! Real stories from the pasts of real people.

They Speak Poetry Slam is on this afternoon!

Speaking of Dia de los Muertos, here are two options! One from Allgo and one from Krewe Bisoux!

The Institution Theater is sharing their Dr. Who inspired “The Professor.

The Hideout Theater is offering a spooky Bedtime Gorey.

Sunday November 3:

Let Her Speak is an amazing reading of Wendy Davis’ Filibuster! Six hours worth!

Friday November 8:

Check out Gnap Theater Project’s Cherry Orchard!

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