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It’s National Coming Out Day! All of us deserve to be free and open about who we love. Whether you are L, G, B, or T (and Q, A, I, and P) or dedicated to allyship to those who are currently discriminated, please know that coming out is important.

You may not be in a place where full openness is safe. You may be able to announce yourself to the world. Wherever you are, I hope you know there are people in the world ready to fight for you, ready to stand up with and behind you.

We reached our goal! Bloggers blogging for money for the win! Thirty bloggers, loads of donations, over 10K raised!

McDonald’s worker gets arrested for confronting rich executive.

This is compelling to me on a number of levels. One is that yes, we have finally reached the place where there may be no middle class and soon. When you have disparity like this while workers are actually working, it’s a kind of slavery. I’ve been reading reports of more and more Universities across the nation needing food pantry support for their students. Food insecurity for those who are “elite” right? Going to college in that middle class way? Less loans, higher tuition rates, higher apartment costs, higher food costs, lower wages for their jobs, less support from parents who may have been hit by job loss, stock failures etc…it’s a system and it’s collapsing.

Stratton, who responded, has to know somewhere in his being, that his system isn’t equitable or fair. But he himself is beholden to stock holders, even more sharkish money holders right? He messes up, he’s out. Maybe he actually has savings and stock that held up but may he’s also living on credit and is closer to his own fiscal cliff than people would assume.

The cognitive dissonance would overwhelm him to admit that yes, he’s offering slave wages in a system that is built on racism, classism, sexism, and etc so of course he can’t allow vulnerability and understanding and equity. And I’m sure his stock holders wouldn’t allow it either.

I have to believe that inside of him is a small child who probably once believed in fairness. Or maybe not, maybe he’s been trained into the cultural sociopathy that we claim is our “American” way.

Sad, and we all are at risk

Study finds teens engage in sexual coercion at high rate.

This is not surprising. We teach them that sex is bad, but that they should have it, but that girls should wait and that if boys don’t wait there is something wrong with them. And we don’t teach them that verbal manipulation and guilt tripping is actually abusive.

Olivia Cole sums that toxic dynamic up well in her post about Chris Brown and his past.

Don’t order the chicken. There is a salmonella outbreak during the shutdown.

Just what role DID the Koch Bros play in the government shutdown? I’m guessing it’s pretty big.

Finally, here are some awesome “commandments” of activism from Jim Ribgy. I’m a fan of 3 and 5. I need to remember those more.

Upcoming Events In Austin…

Friday October 11:

Austin Young Democrats are gathering at The Haymaker to nosh and plot.

Call Me Kuchu, a film about the Ugandan law making homosexuality punishable by death is playing.

Saturday October 12:

If you are a young poet, go to this! Poetry workshop and slam hosted by Ebony Stewart!

Tuesday October 15:

A fundraising reception for Wendy Davis at the Rattle Inn.

Wednesday October 16:
Polari, Austin’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, opens!

Thursday October 17:

BedPost Confessions hosts another sultry sexy night of stories!

Friday October 18: SAN ANTONIO!!

Come watch some Dirty Dancing with Lilith Fund to raise funds for reproductive justice!

Have a great weekend!

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