Here We Go! What You Can Do!


Today is the day. It’s happening at 10:00 am in the Texas Senate. There will be a filibuster, a gathering, a protest, a bunch’a angry people in orange taking our state back.

Given the shenanigans we’ve seen so far, from shutting down testimony on Thursday to sneaky private hearings, to Rep. Jodie comparing rape kits to abortion devices, to changing rules of order to jacking with Senator Leticia Van De Putte (her father died Friday and she had to drive back from San Antonio today just to be counted present so that a cagey rule regarding waiting 24 hours for a hearing wouldn’t happen-see here for more, it’s horrible) to Maude knows what they’ll pull tomorrow.

Seriously, here’s the current 10 ten list of the most ridiculous things from this very special session.

Sure as shootin’ the Texas Right Wing will lie, cheat, steal, and generally obfuscate, hide, and smart their way into trying to win, rather than actually, you know, legislating.

Here is the FB event for the gathering.

Come early-Arrive at 9:00 am.

Stay late-The filibuster runs until midnight Tuesday.

Wear orange-Show us who you are.

I will, as will others, post about what else you will do. Jessica Luther is a great resources. She’ll know places food can be donated if it can be, if there are overflow rooms, spaces to congregate and so forth. If food cannot be donated, consider a gift to say, Naral TX, Lilith Fund, Planned Parenthood. If you love to see women running for office, donate here to Annie’s List.

If you are NOT in Austin and cannot get here, tweet and retweet your support for us. The anti-brigade is out in force. Here are twitter handles for members of our Lege. All they have are lies, falsities, and shock tactics. Don’t engage them, just tweet your support for what we are doing. Tweet at positive public figures, get us trending and raise the signal for women’s rights. TWEETSTORM them out of business, y’all! I’m tweeting, so follow me but also these amazing folks @scatx, @andreagrimes, @dansoloman, @naraltx, @lilithfund and @ppgreatertx.

You can tweet at the media too! A wonderful woman named Virgina Pickel compiled a list of them here!

You can watch the action live!

Finally, if you have a testimony you’d like to offer Senator Wendy Davis to read as she stands and filibusters (remember she’s got to keep talking through the whole day and evening), add your voice here. You can also offer it to RH Reality Check to publish.

And thank you. Thank you for caring, for not giving up on us, for witnessing what happens when people try to steal and circumvent democracy. Don’t stand for it and neither will we.


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