Brand New Year!


The new year is fully in swing and I’ve got a very busy winter into spring! I was putting in all these events into my calendar and I realized I was going to need to marshall all my forces!

Between the amazing programming at the Women’s Community Center of Central Texas and BedPosts (and a few other events) I’ve got a full plate. What are you up to this year?

Here are some amazing things you might be interested in over the coming weeks!

Write Your Life with Dean Lofton, at the Women’s Community Center. This is an amazing set of workshops with an incredible woman. Please check it out, beginning on Monday the 5th.

Artist Stephen Pruitt is showing at the Prizer Gallery through January 24th.

Sex, Family, and Having it all. A provocative workshop on Tuesday the 6th.

Embodying Our Earliest Development: An Early Attachment Dynamics, Prenatal & Birth Therapy Training Intensive with the fantastic Margery Segal on January 9th.

American Revolutionary American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs Film Screening at the Women’s Community Center on January 10.

In addition, I’m going to start using this space a little differently and more intentionally. I’m going to write more from the heart, and more personally, about all the things that I’m working on. The past 6 months have been incredibly intense for me (and for many of us given the incredible movement in social justice and focus on uncovering and undoing racism in the US). I’ve spent a lot of time reading articles and scrolling through social media, but I haven’t always offered up my own thoughts. In part, this was because there was so much happening, and so quickly, it wasn’t always easy to know what to say (and so many very talented people were saying all the things), but also I felt kind of stuck. In a sort of shock and flatness in the face of all of it.

I would often think that unless the article was journalistic in nature, I shouldn’t write it, but really, that’s not where my strengths are, writing-wise. So this year, a goal is to write more, to write here (instead of just on Facebook) and to write more honestly and personally.

I’m excited about this year, and hope you’ll join me along the way.

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